Q. How soon should I submit content for the project?
A. We ask that you submit your content at the time of the initial down payment /deposit. The longer you wait to submit your content the longer the job is delayed.

Q. What is an average turnaround time per project?
A. Design jobs can take up to 4 / 5 business days. Website jobs and take up to 4 to 8 weeks. Each job is different and varies due to the amount of content and the time in which we receive the content per project.

Q. When should l pay for printing?
A. All printing fees are paid IN FULL at the completion of the final artwork design

Q. What is your appointment policy?
A. Our appointment days are on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday only.

Q. If I purchase services from you’ll after 30 days will I have to pay the full amount on the next project?
A. Yes.

Q. I already purchased server space for my domain name, can you design my website and upload it to my server?
A. Yes we can. Additional fees will be applied for examining your server for website upload.

Q. I’m not pleased with my printing once I looked at the final prints, do you guys offer a refund?
A. No.

Q. I already have a graphic/web designer; can you work simultaneously with him/her?
A. No. Artistic ideas vary and working alone side of another designer, in most cases, prolong projects.

Q. Can you type my content and proof read it for me?
A. We can type and proof your content for an additional fee.

Q. I’ve submitted my project and waited after 30 days later to pay the balance to finish my project, are there any additional fees to complete my project?
A. If you come in 30 days after the start of your project to pay the remaining balance a 15% of the total project fee will be added to complete your project.

Q. I really need my project completed before the assigned due date, is there an additional fee to get my order back sooner?
A. For website design projects 60% of the total fee will be added. For graphic design projects 50% of the total fee will be added.

Q. I’ve lost the copy of my artwork how can I receive another copy?
A. We can send to you a extra copy of your finished artwork for $10 by email and $25 by CD/DVD.

Q. After I received my prints I counted less than the amount of prints I paid for, can I receive a refund?
A. No. Once you sign off on your completed project we will not offer a refund or credit towards a new or existing project.

Q. I have a design layout from another graphic designer and I just need the text or picture changed on it, do you charge a full layout design fee to make the change?
A. Yes you must pay the entire design fee.

Q. I will have my entire content ready at the initial meeting, can you just go ahead and start on the project and I’ll come in on tomorrow to pay the down payment?
A. No. We must receive the entire design fee or website design deposit in FULL in order to start on your project, no exceptions.

Q. After I give the initial down payment on my project how soon would you begin work on it?
A. We will begin work on your project 1 business day after the initial down payment is received.

Q. Can I receive a refund once my project is started?
A. No. We do not offer refunds or credit towards future or existing project(s) once we start on a project for you.